Hear us at Editors Guild conference!

Ever wonder how to get your book proposal off the ground? Interested in a career writing and editing video and board games? Can’t figure out how to market and brand yourself? Well, the Northwest Independent Editors Guild is sponsoring the Red Pencil in the Woods conference on September 24 to address all these questions and more. The lineup of speakers is fantastic and the daylong event kicks off with a keynote from Carol Fisher Saller, who headed up the copyediting team of the new edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. If talk of the CMS and sharp red pencils makes you a bit giddy, this is the event for you. Held at Bastyr University in Kenmore, the festivities get under way at 8:30am.

Find out more at the Editors Guild site.



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2 responses to “Hear us at Editors Guild conference!

  1. Mary

    I was reading your article regarding your ten recommendations to reading. I would recommend many more books, but one I think was an outstanding work was by Samuel Clemens, “Pudd’n Head Wilson.” It is hisorical but addresses the true tragedy of slavery and what it does to those who are enslaved. We better understand the slave in reading this book.

    In light of today’s politics, what about “1984” or “Billy Bud”?

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