What is BEA, anyway?

Quiz question: Where can you ogle Michael Chabon, bump into Barbara Kingsolver in the bathroom, score an signed copy of the new Junot Diaz novel, and check out how much makeup Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice actually wears in person?

Answer: BEA, of course!

BookExpo America

BEA is Book Expo America–the biggest publishing trade show in the country, taking place June 4-7 in NYC. This is where all the fall books debut and everyone comes out to schmooze, with  authors autographing advance copies, seminars on every aspect of publishing, and buzz in the air about which books are set to sell big. Publishers showcase their fall titles in booths ranging from small to massive, while authors, agents, sales reps, and retailers walk the floor and take meetings, sussing out what’s going to be hot, placing orders, glad-handing, and greedily scooping up ARCs (advance review copies) that they will later regret having to lug home.

During our many years of working for publishing houses, we walked the aisles of the Javitz Center countless times, working the booth for our employers (Running Press for Jen, Chronicle Books for Kerry) and eating overpriced corn dogs under florescent lights. (See, publishing is glamorous, just like in the movies!) This year, we’re psyched to be there representing the Business of Books–and we’ll be reporting back on all the publishing news. (Plus, Jen will wear her author hat on June 5 to autograph advance copies of Things I Want to Punch in the Face, the new book based on her blog!)

One can find the whole spectrum of weird to wonderful at BEA; let us know what YOU want us to investigate at this year’s show. We’ll be on the case!


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