Our Smash Webinar Now Available!

The reviews are in: Our first webinar, What Every Publisher Wants You to Know: Selling Your Book in Today’s Marketplace, was a hit. Attendees found the talk insightful and inspiring. Here’s what a few had to say:

“I have a hard deadline for myself of submitting my proposal before my 30th birthday, which is coming up on August 6th, and wanted to take this class to give me the final push that I needed. You both really have been instrumental in making this dream come into fruition. I always take something away from your talks, and really appreciate all of the information you share.”

“Thanks for the tips, they were really helpful. I’m determined to make this happen. Your interaction was fun too.”

“I wanted to say thank you; the seminar last night was very helpful and informative.”

During the webinar, we talk about our general observations about the 2012 BookExpo, review the various components of a book proposal, and then jump into the Do’s and Don’ts about crafting and submitting your proposal that various agents, editors, and publishers shared with us. A recording of the 90-minute webinar—which includes video of us as well as a Powerpoint presentation—is available for $59. Once registered through PayPal, you’ll be sent a URL and password so you can view it at your leisure.

We’ll be posting more in-person talks and webinars in the coming weeks; stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Our Smash Webinar Now Available!

  1. Very helpful, ladies, as usual. I really needed this to stoke the flame. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • So glad to hear your feedback, Angela! FYI, we’re working to create a larger webinar library this summer, so please let us know if there are specific topics you’re most interested in.

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