Write Your Proposal in No Time with Our Webinar

Haven’t you always wanted to be a fly on the wall during acquisitions meetings? We sure do. Well, we got the chance to drill editors, agents, and publishers on what they’re looking for these days, what they never want to see or hear again, etc.

Have you written the best thing since sliced bread? Do you have a book idea that you’re sure is destined to be a bestseller?

Bully for you. Seriously, we’re thrilled. But do you know how to bring your book to market, publish it in the way that’s perfect for you and it?

Not to worry. We do. And we’re willing to share. As authors and former publishing executives, we have determined the Secrets of a Successful Proposal, any successful proposal, no matter the genre. We’ve taught hundreds of aspiring authors how to build a great book proposal and now we’ve put our effective formula into a 90-minute webinar so you can start crafting a book proposal that will give your book the very best shot for publishing success.

Even if you are planning on self-publishing, creating a proposal is key to defining your market, pinning down your pitch and talking points, and crafting a strong structure and manuscript. Think of it as your business plan.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of proposals and written what feels like just as many. We still do. Let’s repeat that. We write a proposal for every single book we pitch, even if it’s a sequel or the publisher is familiar with us. It’s that important. Don’t rush the submission process, don’t skip over the importance of a killer proposal. Take the time and address the 9 elements every book proposal should have. You’ll soon have the best proposal since sliced bread. Our webinar is $79 and you can watch the recording as many times as necessary!

Register here and we’ll send you a link.

(photo: calitreview.com)


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