Craft a Winning Book Proposal with Us at Hugo House!

HugoHouse“I went from overwhelmed to hopeful.”

So said a writer during our last Hugo House workshop. She also said, “I went through an MFA program without once hearing the word ‘proposal.’”

With comments like that, of course we had to do it again. On September 28, we’ll be teaching Craft a Winning Book Proposal, a 4-hour workshop to help aspiring authors create spot-on book proposals for any genre. Whether you’re trying to land an agent or grab the attention of a publisher, this class will strengthen your submission. We outline the nine elements every proposal should have, and we do it in the supportive environment of Richard Hugo House.

Need more incentive? Let’s describe how the last workshop went down: 15 smart, savvy writers gathered around a long table in one of Hugo House’s cozy classrooms. Through the course of a Saturday afternoon, we alternately provided information on each key element of a book proposal and then teamed people up to develop their own project and then “pair & share’” with each other. And through this, a beautiful thing happened: the class participants brainstormed on each other’s ideas and built upon the great foundation that was already there for each book project. By the end of the four hours, each person left with a clear plan for their proposal, with bullet points or notes drafted for each section.

And, oh yeah, they also left armed with hope.

For more information on the 9/28 workshop, click here.


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