October is Bitchcraft month!

COVER_BitchcraftWe hope you’re enjoying a spectacular fall, filled with crisp mornings, pumpkin lattes, and a great new pair of boots. What else might October bring, you ask? Well, the launch of Kerry’s new book for one! It’s pub month for Bitchcraft: Simple Spells for Everyday Annoyances & Sweet Revenge.

Who annoys you on the daily? Is it the bad barista, the mansplainer, the meeting-happy boss? Or perhaps it’s the carpool lane cheater, the dating app deceiver, or the stylist who cuts your bangs too short? No matter who is driving you crazy, we guarantee you’ll feel better when you fire up your own innate female power and practice a little Bitchcraft.

If you’re in Seattle, please join us at the delightful Queen Anne Books for a Bitchcraft launch party on October 17 at 7pm! All are welcome. We’ll have snacks, drinks, and some saucy spell-casting so you can get back at those who deserve your wrath. Grab your girlfriends, too–the bigger the coven the sronger the Bitchcraft!

Hope to see you there. And until then, tell us…who most deserves a hex today?


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