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Breaking Down BookExpo America

We are back from New York and BookExpo America. Our heads are still spinning. It might be the jet lag but we suspect it’s more likely that our minds are chock-a-block with all the great information that our publishing colleagues—agents, editors, publishing executives, authors—generously shared. Actually, they were eager to open up, because informed authors will benefit everyone in the long run. And hopefully, when it comes to publishing your book, it will be a long run.

In addition to having one-on-one meetings, we also attended several panels to hear about the hot titles for fall, the key elements to building a best-seller, social media strategies, and how aspiring authors can have the best shot for publishing. And while there’s no cookie-cutter formula, by and large most of the intel we gathered was consistent. Authors have to bring more to the table than just a kick-ass manuscript. They themselves have to be kick-ass (which is where their platform comes in) and have to kick ass throughout the process (meaning they have to be tireless promoters).

We are busy assembling our notes and thoughts and can’t wait to share all the secrets of today’s publishing community with you during our June 27 online class, What Every Publisher Wants You to Know: Selling Your Book in Today’s Marketplace. We’ll download all of our information in a 90-minute webinar that you can watch from the comfort of your living room!


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New Online Class! What Every Publisher Wants You to Know: Selling Your Book in Today’s Marketplace

Fresh back from Book Expo America, we’ll be champing at the bit to share everything we learned from editors and agents. We have ways of making them talk…

So, on June 27, we’re kicking off our new online classes with a timely and helpful seminar for anyone at any stage of the publishing process. What Every Publisher Wants You to Know: Selling Your Book in Today’s Marketplace will help you create a proposal that’s built to address publishers’ current needs and requests.

Learn the latest of what publishers and agents are looking for…right this minute! Armed with insider intel gathered at BEA—the world’s largest publishing conference—we’ll reveal what publishers and agents say they clamoring for in the current marketplace. No matter where you are in the process or what kind of book you’re writing, learn to create an attention-grabbing proposal by giving editors and agents exactly what they want. Our 90-minute online seminar will cover:

  • The proposal components that are crucial to landing a publishing deal
  • Rookie mistakes to avoid during the submission process
  • The aspects of an author platform that matter most
  • Fine-tuning your proposal to address today’s publishing climate
  • The one thing that agents and editors want you to know

June 27, 7-8:30pm PT | Click here to register!


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