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Our former student’s book debut

We must admit, we feel a bit like proud parents. One of our previous workshop attendees, the insightful and well-versed Todd Rendleman, has a book coming out in April from Continuum! Rule of Thumb: Ebert at the Movies explores how and why Roger Ebert became the most trusted and influential film critic in America. Listen to the great props his publisher gives him: “Few are in a position to write a firsthand memoir of one of the world’s great film critics, but Rendleman accomplishes just this, smartly intertwining his own coming-of-age cinematic sensibility with a witty critical analysis of his subject. All told, his achievement is noteworthy: he offers a unique view of a celebrated personality, while revealing himself as a writer of insight and dash.”

We remember brainstorming Todd’s book during a “Craft a Winnning Proposal” workshop last year, and it’s gratifying to see his worthy idea make it to the finish line. Like most of our students, Todd is not a writer by trade, but a professional with a passion for his subject and the motivation to put together a killer proposal and get it out the door.  You could be next!


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