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Our former student’s book debut

We must admit, we feel a bit like proud parents. One of our previous workshop attendees, the insightful and well-versed Todd Rendleman, has a book coming out in April from Continuum! Rule of Thumb: Ebert at the Movies explores how and why Roger Ebert became the most trusted and influential film critic in America. Listen to the great props his publisher gives him: “Few are in a position to write a firsthand memoir of one of the world’s great film critics, but Rendleman accomplishes just this, smartly intertwining his own coming-of-age cinematic sensibility with a witty critical analysis of his subject. All told, his achievement is noteworthy: he offers a unique view of a celebrated personality, while revealing himself as a writer of insight and dash.”

We remember brainstorming Todd’s book during a “Craft a Winnning Proposal” workshop last year, and it’s gratifying to see his worthy idea make it to the finish line. Like most of our students, Todd is not a writer by trade, but a professional with a passion for his subject and the motivation to put together a killer proposal and get it out the door.  You could be next!


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Laid off? Get published! NWjobs blog highlights our events

One of the things we’ve been hearing over and over from aspiring authors attending our talks and workshops is that they are eager to write a long-languishing book proposal right this second.

Why now? Well, many of them have been laid off because of the economic climate and being motivated, dynamic people, they think it’s the perfect time to realize a dream or dust off that really good idea and get it out in the world.

Michelle Goodman, the talented author behind The Anti 9 to 5 Guide and My So-Called Freelance Life, discussed this and our upcoming events in her Nine to Thrive blog for NWjobs. Check it out and better yet, check out one of our talks and get your own idea off the ground!


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