SeattleWrites1Build a Killer Author Platform
September 17, Ballard Branch, Seattle Public Library

December 10, Beacon Hill Branch, Seattle Public Library

What is an “author platform” anyway, and how can you create one? Don’t let the phrase scare you. There are simple strategies you can start right now to build it—without quitting your day job. In this workshop—part of SPL’s Seattle Writes program—Jen will demystify the concept of “author platform” and you’ll begin to feel excited about promoting yourself and your work. Learn to leverage the many strengths and attributes you already have and bring to the table as an author. Determine what reach you currently have, both personally and professionally. Jen will discuss social media, community outreach, web presence and blogging, traditional media outlets, interview prep, and how to position yourself as an expert. Learn what steps you can take, starting today, to make sure you’ll stand out to publishers and agents. You’ll leave with a concrete plan to build the platform you need to get a book deal and get your book in the hands of readers.

If you are interested in an individual consultation, please e-mail us!




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