Bitchcraft is in the air…and in the news

kerry-and-cauldron.jpgKerry’s book Bitchcraft: Simple Spells for Everyday Annoyances & Sweet Revenge has been getting some great publicity leading up to Halloween. Take a peek at this clip from KOMO-TV’s Seattle Refined, who came to Kerry’s house to cast some hexes.

The week also involved some early-morning radio interviews and a surprise appearance in The New York Times (!), a mention that was as brief as it was thrilling. (Having a book in the same photo as Augusten Burroughs’ and Lindy West’s books? We’ll take it. And if you really zoom in, you can almost read Kerry’s name on the spine! ) Rounding out the fun was a fantastic launch party at local favorite Queen Anne Books, who provided spooky snacks and a hex-writing station for guests.

As we’ve always shared with our clients, authors today have to be prepared to actively partcipate in–and even instigate–any publicity and marketing plans to help get their book in front of readers. Often this means not just a typical author reading or tour, but something more creative and interactive to help generate buzz. Have you been

Bitchcraft Cauldronto a great author event recently, or hosted one of your own? We’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time, enjoy the spooky season!


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